What To Expect

Your Initial Visit Will Include:

  • A private consultation with a Chiropractor • A thorough joint/spine examination including orthopedic and neurological tests • A confidential report of our findings • An explanation of our treatment procedure if we determine that Chiropractic is suitable for you • A referral to the appropriate specialist or other therapist if we determine that Chiropractic cannot help you

Click here for our detailed overview of your first visit.

How Many Treatments Will I Need?

Our chiropractors are committed to treating and improving your condition and getting you feeling better as quickly as possible. The number of treatments you need will depend on several factors; such as age, lifestyle factors and how long you’ve had the injury for. At Paddock Wood Chiropractic we don’t believe in quick fixes and ‘patching you up’. We are dedicated to finding and addressing the ‘cause’ of that pain. Many people feel the benefits of chiropractic within the 1st few sessions, some a little longer. We put you in charge of your health decisions at Paddock Wood Chiropractic but our advice to all once the pain has gone is …. let’s work to make sure it stays away, often the cause is part of your day-day activities or posture. Regular check-ups like a dental appointment can help minimize the risk of the injury returning again.

What Is The Treatment?

Our chiropractors may use various chiropractic techniques as part of your treatment. Manipulation, also referred to as spinal adjustment, is the main skill. You’ll often hear little clicks during this treatment. Our chiropractors also carry out soft tissue work, core training & stretching and offer postural advice. The treatment applied will be based on your age and health. We also consider your home and work environment, activities and hobbies, anything that could be affecting your health status.